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Leith, a community full of art

The aim of this project was to homage the community of artists and craft makers of Leith, Edinburgh, through a series of staged portraits of some of their protagonists. Leith is characterised by a strong presence of artists and creatives, who have contributed to improve the quality and lifestyle of the place. By attracting visitors and new neighbours, and therefore helping with the proliferation of new businesses in the area. In this era where most of the articles that surround us have been produced by industrial machinery, identical reproductions without a soul, or identity, the labour of artists and craft makers has great relevance in preserving and improving the traditions of our culture. I wanted to honour the work of craft makers and artists, for their dedication, constancy, and mastered skills that lead them to produce unique and spectacular objects and art pieces. I have photographed a variety of professionals, from bagpipers and guitar makers to jewellers, textile designers, music producers, furniture makers, artists, and an upholsterer.

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